Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (Cape Town)

Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (Cape Town)

So you’ve decided to sell up and start a new chapter in your life. Your house has a potential buyer and all that is standing between you and the transfer going through is the plumber and his Plumbing Compliance Certificate. Lets for the sake of this article assume you already have the electrical and beetle CoC and you are just after the Plumbing/Water CoC. 

So how does one go about acquiring a plumbing compliance certificate?
VERM-X offers water inspection, repairs and compliance services for all plumbing installations.
Below is an example of some of the checks we do before issuing the CoC:

  1. The existing Hot Water Geyser complies with SANS 10252 and SANS 10254
  2. The water pipes are properly secured as per SANS 10252:

Want to learn more about the compliance related checks and how you can obtain the plumbing certificate please. read on. 


What is a Plumbing Compliance Certificate?

IOPSA (the Institute of Plumbing South Africa) has identified a considerable amount of confusion, because of the number of different Plumbing Compliance Certificate (CoC certificate) issued within South Africa. Our local municipalities are responsible for the enforcement of the national Building & Water Regulations. Individual local authorities have their own form of a CoC certificate if their bylaws require one to be issued by a plumber. 

For the purpose of this article, IOPSA will focus on the City of Cape Town CoC certificate and the Plumbing Industries Registration Board (PIRB) CoC to give an understanding of why there are different CoC certificates and what the differences are.

The City of Cape Town have implemented that a Certificate of Compliance is to be issued on the sale of a property in the same vein as the Borer and Electrical Certificate of Compliance. However, in terms of the requirements of the document, there are only specific points raised and required for the plumber to check:

  • ·         The Hot Water Cylinder installation complies with SANS 10252 and SANS 10254
  • ·         The water pipes in the plumbing installation (especially within the roof space) are properly saddled as per SANS 10252
  • ·         The water meter records the flow when water is drawn, and does not register when consumption stops.
  • ·         The private isolating valve as per subsection 23(2) (a) or (b) is in place and functioning.
  • ·         None of the terminal water fittings leak and they are correctly fixed in position.
  • ·         No storm water is discharged into the sewerage system.
  • ·         There is no cross connection between the potable supply and any alternate supply.


When is the Plumbing Compliance Certificate needed?

A qualified ans registered plumber will typically self-certify their work by issuing of a Plumbing Compliance Certificate. From that point forward for the next 2 years, provided no modifications or upgrades where carried out by any plumber on the installation. If so, that plumber will be liable for that installation in the event things start going south. He’s name, registration number and contact details are all on that Plumbing Compliance Certificate

Only a qualified plumber who complies with all regulatory installations requirements has the legal right to issue a Plumbing Compliance Certificate.

A Plumbing Compliance Certificate will be issued for most plumbing work, including: SANS 10254 – COC 

  • Where the total value of work, including materials, labour and VAT, is more than R1500.00 (material costs must be included, regardless of whether the materials were supplied by another person)
  • The installation, relocation or replacement of any Electric Water Heating System, regardless of the cost
  • For every separate installation on a site.
  • The construction, installation or alteration of any above or below ground sanitary drain; regardless of the cost
  • The installation, relocation or replacement of any Hot Water Solar Water Heating System
  • The installation, relocation or replacement of any Heat Pump Water Heating System
  • A Plumbing Compliance Certificate shall be issued to the relevant owner with five working days of the completion of the said plumbing works. Only a licensed plumber may purchase and issue the Plumbing Compliance Certificate.

It is illegal for any plumber who works on plumbing installation if he/she is not a qualified plumber or not working under the adequate supervision of a qualified plumber. Registered persons under the category of qualified plumbers are qualified plumbers and may carry out plumbing works and may supervise non-qualified plumbers or plumbing learners, however they will not be allowed to purchase or issue Plumbing Compliance Certificate for plumbing installations.


Get a Plumbing Compliance Certificate online

Alternatively you could hop online and search for “plumbing compliance certificate” or “coc certificate” or “plumbing certificate of compliance” or something similar. You then scroll through the list of compliance companies in cape town and start making some calls to locate a compliance officer to do the inspection. Now some plumbing compliance companies which have a bunch of qualified plumbers might just specialize in plumbing compliance certificates and not bother with the electrical compliance and beetle certificates or they might just outsource those. Some long-standing compliance companies in cape town might offer all 5 compliance certificates. 

Please do yourself a favor and take into consideration where the compliance company you employ operates from because this might affect the cost etc. call backs and response times etc. 
If you found us online by searching “plumber” or “plumbing certificate of compliance” or some variant of that search phrase you will have the option of going to our online booking page and completing the short form online. This will immediately be picked up by our admin and a response can be expected within the same day, although we give ourselves at least 24 hours to respond. 
We contact you back and we agree on a suitable date and time to carry out the required plumbing compliance inspection. Preferably we’d like to schedule all 3x compliance inspections on the same date and time. This is a very convenient system and means you do not need to wait around for hours on 3 separate compliance officers to carry out inspections at separate dates and times. 


City of Cape Town Water Bylaw

Below is a snippet about the Cape Town water by-laws. 

Help us protect our water resources and the environment by understanding our water regulations and make sure your household, organisation or business is working with us to conserve water, dispose of wastewater safely, and maintain our storm water system and water courses.

We have a number of important by-laws that encourage water-saving and protect both our natural water sources and man-made water systems. These include:

The Water By-law
Our Water By-law (2010) and Amendment (2018) encourages water-saving as a way of life, regulates water use and plumbing installations, and allows for water restrictions when necessary.



If you contravene the Water By-law (2010) and the Amendment (2018), the City of Cape Town has the right to issue a fine, take legal action against you, and restrict or disconnect your water.

The Wastewater and Industrial Effluent By-law
The Wastewater and Industrial Effluent By-law (2013) regulates the disposal of wastewater and industrial effluent in order to protect the city’s sewer reticulation system, wastewater treatment plants and the environment. It gives City officials power to take action against people who contravene the by-law.

The Treated Effluent By-law
The Treated Effluent By-law (2010) and amendment (2015) seek to regulate the supply and use of treated effluent. Treated effluent is water recycled from wastewater treatment works and is used for irrigation or industrial purposes.



During water restrictions, the regulations in the Water By-law (2010) and Amendment (2018) will be replaced with stricter ones. Understand what water restrictions mean at home and foryour business.

This snippet was taken straight from the Cape Town Government Website 


Experienced Plumbing Compliance Officers

Bugs and Sparks is a typical example of a long-standing reputable company we spoke about earlier. Bugs and Sparks compliance officers are well known and respected in the compliance industry. 

Bugs and Sparks strive to offer their clients the very best service and quality of workmanship possible by employing only qualified and experienced plumbers. Bugs and Sparks like to form relationships with their clients to create a mutually beneficial partnership for the future. By using Bugs and Sparks compliance officers you can be assured that there won’t be any nasty surprises waiting for you by getting the best compliance services in Cape Town. Bugs and Sparks compliance officers aim to make clients’ lives easier with professionalism and quality of workmanship.

Bugs & Sparks was established in November 2007 by Craig Louw, a qualified Electrician who, with just one assistant, has gained the respect of his clients with his punctuality, reliability, trustworthiness and capability. This enabled him to grow Bugs and Sparks to the point that a partner was needed to focus on Bugs and Sparks sales and marketing.

Enter Craig Ford, who joined Bugs and Sparks as a partner in February 2010. With 17 years experience in the hospitality industry, Craig Ford decided that he would like a change from the corporate environment and team up with Bugs and Sparks. He wanted to make a significant impact on the private sector with Bugs and Sparks. Since joining Bugs and Sparks in 2010, Craig Ford has bought out Craig Louw. He employs 38 staff members and is hoping to add another team to Bugs and Sparks shortly.

Bugs and Sparks is registered with the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA). Bugs and Sparks is registered with the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA) and South African Electrified Fence Installers Association (SAEFIA) , LPGSASA, Bugs and Sparks is also registered with the Department of Labour, BIBC, NBCEI.

BIG UP to Bugs and Sparks! They definitely are the kind of compliance officers you want to do business with. 


Identifying the Plumbing Compliance Certificate

So now you’ve arranged with the plumbing compliance officer to carry out the compliance inspection. The compliance officer has identified a few compliance issues that needs to be rectified before the Plumbing Compliance Certificate can be issued. You’ve done the necessary and the plumber successfully done the repairs. The Plumbing Compliance Certificate was issued to you. How do you ensure the Plumbing Compliance Certificate is legit and the plumber has completed the form correctly? 
Here are a few things to look out for:

1: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate should be Titled “SHEDULE 4″

2. Below that should be a paragraph that reads the following ” Certificate of compliance of water installation on transfer of ownership in accordance with the water services by-law (section 14(1) and wastewater and industrial effluent by-law section 2(2)(a))

3: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must include the Property address below that

4: the Plumbing Compliance Certificate must include the ERF Number of the Property

5: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must include the Name and the contact details of the seller

6: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must include the Name and contact details of the buyer

7: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must have the full name of the Plumber that carried out the plumbing inspection and that issued the plumbing certificate of compliance

8: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must include the Plumbers checklist that complies with SANS 10252 and SANS 10254 regarding the water cylinder and water pipes, water meter, private isolating valve, water fittings, no storm water discharging into the sewerage system and no cross connections between potable supply and any alternate supplies. 

9: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must include the plumber contact details

10: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must include the signature of the plumber

11: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must include the date of the issuing of the plumbing compliance certificate

12: The Plumbing Compliance Certificate must include the registration number of the plumber. 


Below is an example of a Plumbing Compliance Certificate:


Example of a plumbing certificate of compliance, coc certificate


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