Lakeside Property Compliance Inspections

We at VERM-X offer Plumbing+ Electrical + Beetle Compliance Services in Lakeside.

We offer property compliance services to all residential, commercial or industrial properties in the Lakeside.

If you are looking for a Electrical certificate of compliance in the Southern Peninsula – Lakeside or an Electrical & Plumbing compliance repairs anywhere in the Lakeside areas– look no further. We also offer pest control and fumigation services in Lakeside and surrounding areas.

Below is a list of some of our compliance services offered in Lakeside:

  1. Electrical + Plumbing & Beetle Compliance Inspections
  2. Electrical + Plumbing & Beetle (CoC) Certificate of compliance
  3. Electrical + Plumbing & Beetle CoC and related repairs
  4. General Fault-finding
  5. Distribution boards repairs/installations
  6. Plumbing & Electrical testing/inspections
  7. Repairing circuit breakers/boxes
  8. Plumbing and Electrical Fixture installations
  9. General maintenance