Kirstenhof Property Compliance Inspections

VERM-X – Southern Suburbs Compliance inspections.
We offer the services of a qualified Plumber, Electrician and Beetle inspection officer in the Kirstenhof, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town areas.
Our Cape Town based electrician is 3-phase certified so we can inspect houses, factories, commercial buildings and industrial properties.

We service all residential, commercial or industrial properties in the Southern Suburbs including Kirstenhof.

If you are looking for a compliance inspection by a qualified electrician in cape town with a clearance certificate in the Southern Suburbs or an Electrical & Plumbing compliance repairs anywhere in Kirstenhof– look no further.

Below is a list of some of our compliance services offered in Kirstenhof:

  1. Electrical + Plumbing & Beetle Compliance Inspections
  2. Electrician + Plumber & Beetle (CoC) Clearance Certificates
  3. Electrician + Plumber & Beetle related repairs
  4. General compliance Fault-finding
  5. Distribution boards repairs/installations
  6. Plumbing & Electrical testing/inspections
  7. Repairing circuit breakers/boxes
  8. Plumbing and Electrical Fixture installations
  9. General maintenance
  10. Services of a fully qualified and registered Electrician in Cape Town
  11. Services of a fully qualified and registered Plumber in Cape town
  12. Services of a fully qualified fumigation and pest control officer

Example of Compliance checks:

Below is an example of some of the checks the electrician will do:

Electrical Checks

  • All distribution boards and sub-distribution boards found on the property
  • All accessible plug socket outlets
  • All accessible light switches and fittings
  • All wiring is checked for safety and compatibility with the existing circuit breakers.
  • Ensure all the necessary isolators have been installed to existing fixed appliances. (ie. stoves, geysers, fans etc)
  • Inspect all metal parts for adequate earthing.
  • Bonding HWC pipes, TV antennae and satellite dishes etc

Plumbing Compliance checks:

Below is an example of some of the plumbing checks we do

  • The existing Hot Water Geyser complies with SANS 10252 and SANS 10254
  • (excluding drip trays on geysers installed before 2006).
  • The water pipes are properly secured as per SANS 10252:
    Water meter records flow and stops when all taps are closed.
  • The private isolating valve as per subsection 23(2) (a) or (b) is in place and functioning.
  • Check all terminal water fittings for correct fixture and no leaks found.
  • Ensure no storm water is discharged into the sewerage system.
  • There is no cross connection between the potable supply and any alternate supply.

Beetle Compliance checks:

Below is an example of some of the Beetle checks we do

  • All roof trusses
  • Roof beams
  • Fascia boards
  • Floors
  • Window and Door frames
  • All accessible and exposed timber