Compliance Services in Cape Town

We offer a fast and efficient  solution to all your electrical plumbing and beetle compliance certificate needs in Cape Town.


compliance services cape town

  • Get all your Plumbing, Electrical and Beetle compliance inspections and certificates done within 24-48 hours today.
  • Your certificate of compliance can be issued on the same day if your property passes the coc inspections and meets all compliance regulations. 
  • No unnecessary fault-finding – just what is required to get the COC


Compliance Inspections & CoC

Initially it was only necessary to produce an Electrical Compliance Certificate and a Beetle Compliance Certificates, however amendments in the legislation in Cape Town dictates the below three compliance certificates are Compulsory:

1. Electrical Certificate of compliance

2. Plumbing Certificate of compliance

3. Wood Borer Beetle compliance certificate

Lately you are required to produce an electric fence clearance certificate and a gas compliance certificate if your property is furnished with them.
So now you could be in for as many as 5x compliance certificates these days.

Most residential properties in Cape Town only requires at least 2 of the 5 Compliance Certificates. These includes the electrical compliance certificate and the Plumbing Certificate. (Cape Town Water Installation Certificate.) 


Compliance Certificates Cape Town

Why do require a beetle certificate in Cape Town?  Because we are a coastal city we also require a beetle compliance certificate. This is necessary to ensure the wooden structure of your property is in good standing and compliance and free from any wood destroying insects which could compromise the strength of your roofing structure.

Lately as many as five compliance certificates are required but all depending on what installations you have in your property. Generally the beetle, electrical and plumbing compliance certificates are what will be required for most Cape Town properties.  If you have an electric fence or gas stove you will need those compliance certificates too.


A few relevant questions

Q. How much does an electrical compliance certificate cost?
A From as little as R450 each. However, if you request all 3x inspections we discount it to R350 each.
Total: R1050 which includes 1 hours labor + fault lists + quotes + certificates IF the inspection is passed.

Q. How long is a compliance certificate valid for?
A For 2 years provided no alterations or modifications have been made OR provided the compliance regulation laws has not changed.

Q. Who can issue an electrical compliance certificate?
A Only a qualified electrician registered with the Department of Labour

Below is a list of some of our compliance inspection check we carry out:


Electrical Certificate of Compliance checks:

Before we can issue the ECOC we carry out a list of inspections and tests as described below.

The below list is an example of just some of the checks the compliance inspector carries out and is not limited to this list. 

electrician in cape town

electrical compliance inspections and certificate

  • All distribution boards and sub-distribution boards found on the property
  • All accessible plug socket outlets
  • All accessible light switches and fittings
  • All wiring is checked for safety and compatibility with the existing circuit breakers.
  • Ensure all the necessary isolators have been installed to existing fixed appliances. (ie. stoves, geysers, fans etc)
  • Inspect all metal parts for adequate earthing.
  • Bonding – HWC pipes, TV antennae and satellite dishes etc

Plumbing Certificate of Compliance checks:

Before we can issue the Plumbing COC we carry out a list of inspections and tests as described below.

The below list is an example of just some of the checks the compliance inspector carries out and is not limited to this list. 

plumbing compliance certificate

Plumbing electrical and beetle compliance inspections and certificates

  • The existing Hot Water Geyser complies with SANS 10252 and SANS 10254
    (excluding drip trays on geysers installed before 2006).
  • The water pipes are properly secured as per SANS 10252: Water meter rec-rods flow and stops when all taps are closed.
  • The private isolating valve as per subsection 23(2) (a) or (b) is in place and functioning.
  • Check all terminal water fittings for correct fixture and no leaks found.
  • Ensure no storm water is discharged into the sewerage system.
  • There is no cross connection between the potable supply and any alternate supply.


Beetle Certificate of Compliance checks:

Before we can issue the Beetle COC we carry out a list of inspections and tests as described below.

The below list is an example of just some of the checks the beetle inspector carries out and is not limited to this list. 

Wood borer beetle

Wood borer beetle

  • All fixed accessible wood and timber frames are inspected.
  • All roof trusses and cross beams are checked
  • All accessible wooden floors are inspected.
  • All window and door frames
  • All fascia boards are inspected where possible.
  • In the event there wooden floor has been covered with carpet and fixed permanently, we cannot account for this wooden beams. Only accessible wood can be inspected and accounted for.

We at VERM-X Technical can gladly assist you in this regard as our cape town electrician and his team are fully qualified and licensed electricians.
We guarantee all our plumbing, pest control and electrical work and all electrical installations for 6-24 months.


Electrical certificate of compliance complaints?

It is a common occurrence that a buyer purchases a property only to find the electrical certificate of compliance is “not worth its paper”
What is the possible cause of this? Well in a nutshell, the electrical contracting industry was not a very strictly policed industry and electrical contractors could to a degree regulate themselves, in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act No 85 of 1993. It wasn’t long after that the electrical industry realized they were not able to regulate themselves successfully.  Many unqualified electrical contractors engaged in fraudulent activity and issued illegal/fraudulent electrical compliance certificates. As a result, this caused a lot of headaches for new home owners as they where not forced to rectify electrical issues at their own cost.


Qualified Electricians

There however are still many reputable electricians out there doing an excellent job. The owners is on you as the Seller or Owner to ensure the electrician is a qualified tradesman. Ask for his registration number or look it up before you agree to do business. Many backdoor “sparky’s” will take your hard earned money to make a quick buck.

Because of all the fraudulent activity in the electrical industry and among unqualified electricians, the Department of Labour setup a privately owned, “Approved Inspection Authorities” (AIA) in 2009.  They where tasked and given the right to investigate incidents and complaints in terms of the provisions of the Electrical Installation Regulations (2009)


Electrical Contractors and the AIA

The “Approved Inspection Authorities” (AIA) are assigned to assist members of the public by investigating and uncovering illegal and unsafe electrical installations.  They can also audit Electrical Compliance Certificates compliance of new electrical installation work carried out by qualified and unqualified electrical contractors.

Please note: the investigation account will rest on the home owner or person lodging the complaint. If legit electrical problems are discovered by the AIA they can then enforce the electrician to fix the discrepancy at his own cost.  If it is discovered that unlawful or fraudulent electrical certificates of compliance has been issued, then legal action will be taken on the offending electrician.

Always ensure that only a legal AIA member accredited by the Department of Labour is used to verify any electrical installation and electrical clearance certificate. If you have any suspicion of your electrician then do the necessary checks and contact the AIA immediately.


Electrical Compliance Regulations 

Simple answer: That the electrician issuing the Electrical COC must register with the relevant authorities annually, not once-off as was previously

The seller should make sure that the electrical contractor he uses is registered with the Department of Labour. Please request to see the electricians registration credentials in the form of a card and certificate before engaging in business with them. The main purpose of the electrical compliance inspection is to ensure the electrical installation is safe and legal.


More Electrical Compliance Certificate facts 

  1. The conveyancer would obtain the original Electrical certificate of compliance from the seller before registration.
  2. This implies that the seller needs to ensure the electrical compliance inspection was carried out before the transfer can go through. 
  3. If the sellers electrical compliance certificate is older than 2 years or the current electrical installation has been modified, upgraded or downgraded in any way, a new electrical certificate of compliance needs to be obtained from a qualified and certified electrician. 
  4. If the electrical compliance certificate is less than 2 years old and the installation has not been modified in any way shape or form then the current electrical compliance certificate is perfectly valid and transferable to the new property owner. 
  5. A new electrical certificate of compliance can be obtained for as little as R450 if the installation is passed as compliant. 
  6. The seller needs to effect and pay for this to obtain a valid electrical certificate of compliance.
  7. If there are any disagreements or discrepancies between the seller and the electrician then the seller can take this matter further and escalate to the AIA.

PLEASE NOTE: Transfer can be delayed by the banks if a valid electrical certificate of compliance is not presented upon registration of a new home loan application. This will block the convayencer from proceeding any further until then and this can delay the transfer process for up to 2 weeks.

The purchaser of the property is within his right to request to be furnished with a valid electrical compliance certificate, as the law stipulates an owner to be able to produce a valid electrical coc if requested by an inspector.