electrical compliance checks

NOT included in the Electrical Compliance Certificate?
When issuing an electrical compliance certificate we always follow Regulation 7(5) of the Electrical Installation Regulations (OHS ACT of 1993), which dictates a change of ownership cannot take place unless there is a valid electrical certificate of compliance.

We always follow all the compliance regulations to the tee and do not insist on any irrelevant repairs or additions, only what is absolutely necessary to ensure your property will pass for a valid electricity compliance certificate. As long as its safe and within the regulations we will issue the electric compliance certificate. We are not overly concerned with aesthetics, longevity or robustness, as long it is a compliant and operational at the time of the compliance inspection.

Our purpose is not to rewire your entire electrical installation in order to pass compliance inspection or to upgrade your existing electrical setup to make it more practical or usable to accommodate more appliances. These are only done upon request by the client and can be quoted separately if needed.
By law you only require 1 operational light and switch and no set number of plug sockets.

Some cost-saving tips
Always try to have your inspection as soon as possible, before any possible buyers visits and inspects your property.
This will greatly assist you on what repairs to make to reduce the repair costs any electrical faults/defects.

Light bulbs:
These are consumables & not covered by the Certificate of Compliance.
However, it is good practice to ensure that all fused light bulbs are replaced before the inspection is done. This will not delay the inspection time unnecessarily.

What about my fancy water features and ponds?
If they are fixed, they need isolators. This is often overlooked and can be costly.
Electricity to these features can be removed minimize costs.

Does my extra outside security lights matter? 
Often times they are non-compliant and can be removed rather than re-instated.

Do we check TV antennaes? 
If your TV antennae is not operational, rather uninstall. If you leave it as a fixture it will need to be bonded.

What about my outside lights?
These light installations are often DIY projects and done incorrectly and can be expensive to rectify. Rather remove them than rectified.

Extension leads
All non-permanent loose extension leads are often installed for the owner’s benefit and can easily be removed.

Are Electricity to Wendy houses legal?
These are often done illegally. We would advise you to remove the electric supply to reduce the repair rectification costs.

Safety Hazard
A non-compliance or faulty electrical installation is a huge safety hazard. This scenario has the potential to cause damage to your property and possibly harm people through an electrical fire or electrocution. All circuit breakers and electric wire diameters should be the correct size and rating for the maximum electricity load rating that passes through them.
Its of utmost importance to have the correct circuit breakers and issolators to protect your installation from overload and short circuit faults.
These kind of electrical compliance faults are directly related to electricity related fires.

Distribution Board
You are protected from possible electrocution by means of your earth leakage, hence the importance of ensuring the correct ratings.
In all electrical installations, your main electrical DB and switch should be easily accessible in the event of an emergency.
The main DB (Distribution board) is the source of the wiring and electrical installation. All electrical outlets, plugs, lights and other circuits are sourced from here.

What causes electricity tripping issues?
Our main goal when carrying out an electrical compliance inspection in Cape Town is to establish whether all the safety features installed and the electrical setup is 100% functional and within regulatory requirements. No more – no less!

For example, We make sure whatever needs to be earthed is earthed properly and that all relays are fully functional.
All electrical earth leakage should trip under the improper load or electrical spike or surge.

When you have a scenario where your electric installation is tripping its not necessarily a problem with the actual electricity installation but could easily be a faulty appliance that was recently plugged in (perhaps by the new owners) and your setup is doing exactly what it was designed to do – protect you and your electric installation from a potential hazard. If the new owner has more modern appliances that is placing too much load on an older electric installation it could possibly mean he will need an upgrade.

The bottom line – if your electrical installation is causing your earth leakage to trip, its not necessarily a bad sign.
All it means is your electrical installation is behaving exactly how it was designed to.

Why do i legally need an Electrical Compliance Certificate when selling my property?
When selling a property in Cape Town it is required, by law, to produce a valid electrical compliance certificate to the deed of sales office. The compliance certificate should be produced by the rightful and legal owner of the property and should always be in possession of a valid electrical compliance certificate.

We often come across poor and faulty electrical installations which results in very expensive repair bills to bring the property up to compliance status again. These repairs are absolutely necessary in order to issue a valid and legal electrical compliance certificate in Cape Town.



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Good day..I jst finish my n6 for electrical this year..now am looking for any job related to electrical so that I can get experience and graduate

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Good day Siphesihle.
Thank you for your inquiry. Plumbing is a fantastic industry and we wish you all the best for your future career. It is a good trade to specialize in. Make sure you get qualified and registered and doors will open for you.

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Thank you for you inquiry. Unfortunately we are not hiring at the moment. Maybe drop us an email and if things change we have you on record.
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Hi Thabo
We do not offer any courses of any sort. We are a compliance inspection and repairs company based in Cape Town. Read some of the blogs on our website to give you a better idea of what we do.

Liso Posted on10:14 am - Apr 9, 2019

Hi I’m Liso Abongile Mlokothi have grade 12 and N6 in electrical engineering need service training thank you

Liso Posted on10:22 am - Apr 9, 2019

Hi I’m Liso Abongile Mlokothi live in cape Town have grade 12 and N6 in electrical engineering need service training thank you for your time to get back to me