Electrical Compliance Services

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Qualified Electrician in Cape Town

  • A fast and efficient electrical compliance service in Cape Town and the surrounding areas.
  • We specialize in all electrical compliance inspections, repairs & certificates.
  • We also do plumbing and beetle compliance services on all residential and commercial properties.
  • We have a top head electrician overseeing a fantastic efficient and friendly repair support team.


No job is too big or small for us. We keep our operation team small so we can charge clients reasonable rates and at the same time offer the highest quality service.


Electrical Compliance checks

Below is a condensed list of just some of the items we inspect when carrying out our electrical compliance inspection.

1. Make sure all electrical connector blocks are present and in good working order
2. Fit earth bar & terminate all earths
3. Ensure all electrical cables are correctly routed through main
4. Check all electrical wiring and make sure they are neat
5. Check all labels on the Distribution Board
6. Inspect earth leakage protection
7. Make sure power is running to all light fittings
8. Check all isolators are fit where necessary
9. Ensure no open electrical wiring is present
10. All light fittings must be present and replaces if missing
11. Test power to all light fittings
12. Ensure all phases are correctly color coded on the DB
13. Make sure mains circuit is routed correctly
14. Replace any missing or faulty socket outlets
15. Check any loose light fittings and secure
16. Check any extractor fans and ensure isolator is fitted

NB: These are just a few of the items we check when carrying out an electrical compliance inspection. If any of the above listed items are non-compliant we cannot issue the coc compliance certificate before we rectify the faulty item.


Electrical Fault-finding team

The VERM-X philosophy is to provide you, the customer, with a one-stop-shop to take care of  all Plumbing ComplianceBeetle Compliance & Electrical compliance issues, as well as to provide a 24 hour electrical service that is quick and efficient. 

If you need some fault-finding  on a fuse-box or a circuit breaker replaced on your DB board, fix a few plugs, repairs on outlets and switches or just to provide you with coc certificates of compliance, our Cape Town based electricians are always available to take on any project, whether it is at your home, business or industrial premises, restaurant, security estates, daycare and so much more, nothing is beyond our abilities to provide the highest standard in electrical services.


Only Electrical Compliance related items

When carrying out an electrical compliance inspection we always follow Regulation 7(5) of the Electrical Installation Regulations (OHS ACT of 1993), which dictates a change of ownership cannot take place unless there is a valid electrical certificate of compliance.

We always follow all the compliance regulations to the tee and do not insist on any irrelevant repairs or additions, only what is absolutely necessary to ensure your property will pass for a valid electricity compliance certificate. As long as its safe and within the regulations we will issue the electric compliance certificate. We are not overly concerned with aesthetics, longevity or robustness, as long it is a compliant and operational at the time of the compliance inspection.

Our purpose is not to rewire your entire electrical installation in order to pass compliance inspection or to upgrade your existing electrical setup to make it more practical or usable to accommodate more appliances. These are only done upon request by the client and can be quoted separately if needed.
By law you only require 1 operational light and switch and no set number of plug sockets.


Electrical Certificate of Compliance Fault Gallery


Electrician Job Description

Electricians have a wide job description and are responsible for a host of different tasks and responsibilities. In short electricians install electrical power, communication systems, lighting systems and control systems in homes, commercial businesses and industrial factories. Most electrical contractors work solo or have a small electrical team. Often times they need to cooperate with other contractors like building engineers and architects when designing electrical wiring systems for newly designed buildings. It might even be necessary for electrical contractors to consult with other industry specialists. They may need to liaise with elevator installers and air conditioning companies to assist in supplying, trouble-shooting and maintaining power to specialized electrical systems. Some large electrical contracting companies have electrical crews where the qualified electricians or senior electricians will advise and assist junior apprentices to complete jobs.

Apart from electrical maintenance and fault-finding, electricians may need to repair broken equipment that can be hard to reach or located high up.


Electrical Tasks & Responsibilities

  1. Install, repair and maintain electrical wiring of lights, intercoms, plugs and electronic systems
  2. Inspect and repair transformers & Circuit breakers
  3. Be proficient and knowledgeable in using specialized power tools like conduit benders
  4. Be proficient in using testing devices like measuring devices, ohmmeters, ammeters, voltmeters, test lamps and oscilloscopes to ascertain the safety and compatibility of the components and performance
  5. Read and understand blueprints (Building plans) and other technical diagrams that displays critical circuits, power outlets and other equipment
  6. Operate from ladders, scaffolding, roofs and hard to reach places to install, maintain or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
  7. Repair and replace apparatus, wiring equipment and fixtures using specialized electrical tools
  8. Advise and guide colleagues how to install and repair certain equipment
  9. Trouble-shoot malfunctioning systems effectively using a variety of electrical testing devices
  10. Have the ability to assemble, install, test and maintain electrical wiring
  11. Wire-up circuit breaker and transformers and a host of other components
  12. Fault-find and troubleshoot electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring
  13. Prepare diagrams and read building plans to understand the location of wiring and conform to building safety and codes.
  14. Install ground leads and wire-up power leads to equipment.
  15. Install equipment and apparatus for alarms and fixtures for other systems
  16. In emergency situations – provide assistance with operating floodlights, generators etc.
  17. Perform physically demanding tasks, like digging trenches to lay conduit pipes and relocating and lifting heavy objects
  18. Mount electrical boxes to concrete walls to house switches, breakers and outlets
  19. Fabricate custom parts using appropriate power tools
  20. Secure conduit (pipes or tubing) inside partitions, walls and concealed areas
  21. Pull wires through conduit pipes and complete circuits
  22. Senior electricians will be required to perform management duties like maintaining records and files, preparing reports and ordering supplies and equipment.


Typical Electrician Job brief

“We are looking for an experienced Electrician to undertake a variety of tasks relating to setting up and maintaining electrical infrastructure.

Your job will involve installing electrical wiring in buildings and poles, troubleshooting malfunctions and blackouts and repairing appliances.

Due to the high risk factors pertaining to this job, electricians have be responsible individuals with strong attention to safety precautions.

The ideal candidate must also be experienced in different kinds of electrical devices and systems.

The goal will be to produce and maintain well-functioning electrical connections to minimize the probability of accidents and maximize usability of electricity in all facilities.”


Commercial Electrician

Commercial electricians are responsible for wiring up instruments that manage power, lighting and heating units/devices in buildings like air-conditioning and refrigeration units. The wires are terminated at the switches, relays, panels and circuit breakers. Electricians are required to plan and draw graphical diagrams of the electrical systems, including the conduits pipes required by local electrical codes. Alternatively they follow the building plan (Blueprint).

Commercial contractors and technicians will be required to work with screwdrivers, pliers and knives as well as other specialised equipment. Most commercial jobs are indoors and require little or limited exposure to outside elements. Commercial electricians also need to be able to determine colour correctly because most wires are color-coded. You need to be relatively fit and strong enough to stand on ladders and uncomfortable positions for extended periods. You will also be required to lift up heavy items to eye level on a regular basis. Commercial electricians will often be exposed to high noise levels in factories and production sites which will require them to wear hearing protection from the excessive noise.


Commercial Electrician tasks include but not limited to:

  1. installing data lines for security and ATM’ electrical systems
  2. Installing security locking systems
  3. Installing and troubleshooting motors for large compressors
  4. In-house electricians maintain and repair large motors, equipment, and control systems in businesses and factories.
  5. use their knowledge of electrical systems to help these facilities run safely and efficiently
  6. install the wiring for businesses and factories that are being built
  7. in-house electricians often perform scheduled maintenance, to minimize equipment failure


Residential Electricians

These electrical contractors are highly trained technicians who are responsible for installing and maintaining the wiring and devices that distribute electricity to our homes, apartments and out-buildings. Residential electricians do a lot of hands-on work before they get qualified. This is needed after many years of theory and class projects. Rigorous training is essential so that they and don’t pose a danger of fire or electrical shocks. This is a very promising field because the demand is growing because newer more efficient technologies like solar power is becoming more popular in Cape Town and other parts of South Africa. 

Residential electricians or wire-man, work at private companies or are self-employed. Their role is to install or repair electrical wiring, relays, switches and control devices for lights, plug points, domestic appliances, intercom systems and air conditioning. 

These electricians work indoors and outdoors, in homes, apartments, town houses and out-buildings. On the job site, they often are required to work in cramped spaces, roofs, garages and constant standing and kneeling can be tiring. Inclement weather conditions can force residential electricians to work overtime, especially on new residential construction projects. Travelling long distances is also a regular occurrence as electricians move between different work sites.


Electrician in Cape Town

If you are in need of an electrician in Cape Town, look no further. Our electrical contractors are friendly and professional and licensed. We always complete our jobs within the promised time-frames and will always communicate to our clients well ahead of time if we determine the job will not meet the deadline on time.


3-Phase Electrician

Our 3-phase electricians are fully qualified and licensed to successfully take on any project in your domestic property, offices or commercial factory. Our electricians will also advise on the best way forward regarding your type of installation you may require and will offer the best services to tailor your needs. We offer free advice and the most cost-effective solutions to your problems.


Electrical Safety Standards

Always insist on a qualified electrician so as not to compromise the safety of your household when selecting an electrician in Cape Town.  Our electrical contractors are taught to work fast and work right the first time and always ensure the solution is adequate, safe and durable. We always stick to regulations and health and safety standards. Our electricians perform services that are durable whilst maintaining high safety standards for you and your loved ones. This is our top priority at all times.

Electrician available in Cape Town

We have and electrician in Cape Town available to operate in all areas including the Southern Suburbs, CBD, Peninsula and West Coast areas. We are so fortunate to live and operate in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Well known for its harbor, for its natural beauty in the Cape Floristic Region, and for iconic landmarks like Table Mountain and Cape Point. Cape Town is also home to 64% of the Western Cape’s population. We offer our electrical services throughout this iconic city and would be happy to assist you wherever you reside or work.

Our company has some of the best and sort after electricians in Cape Town.  Do not hesitate to call us for a free quote.

Our electrical services include but not limited to:

  1. electrical fault-finding
  2. repairing domestic properties wiring faults
  3. A host of electrical and electronic repairs
  4. Certificate of electrical compliance (ECOC)
  5. General Maintenance
  6. Fixture and outlet installations
  7. Wiring Distribution Boards (DB)
  8. Fuse boards repairs and installations
  9. Electrical certificate of compliance
  10. Electrical compliance inspections
  11. 24-hour electrician available