If you own a property in Cape Town and are in need of a 3-phase electrician or perhaps even a small team of electrical technicians to complete a project within a specified time-frame we can assist. If you require a contractor for any sort of electrical repairs, wiring or fault-finding – LOOK NO FURTHER! We have the perfect solution to fit any job you require, no matter the size. 

Need an Electrician in Cape Town? VERM-X Technical is an electrical inspection, repair and compliance company. Our technicians are highly experienced and very professional in the trade. We offer a host of electrical services as listed below, but not limited to:

  1. Trip Switches / Fuse Boards / Circuit Breakers
  2. Diagnosis and Fault Finding
  3. Wiring Lights and Plugs
  4. Rewire your electrical DB panel
  5. Replace faulty Circuit Breakers
  6. Troubleshoot outlet wiring.
  7. Repair and maintain both single and 3-phase installations
  8. Inspect and fault-find industrial buildings and domestic properties in Cape Town.
  9. Our technicians are trained to communicate well with clients
  10. Our electrical team co-operates well to deliver a high quality service with exceptional turn-around times.
  11. And more…


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Our electricians and technical staff are taught to be polite and professional when facing clients and this is evident by the many compliments and kind emails we receive from many of our happy and satisfied customers. We are confident we can solve any electrical issues you might have.  Want to learn more about our electrical expertise and what checks, fault-finding and DIY solutions we offer then read on …


3-phase Electrician in Cape Town

24/Hour Electrician in Cape Town

  • We offer a 24/hour standby service in Cape Town to deal with whatever electricity faults or wire related emergency you might have.
  • Our contractors can assist you at any time with a wide range of professional services from emergency call-outs to general testing, wire maintenance, inspection of electrical plugs &  fittings to compliance inspections and ECOC certificates. 
  • We work the entire Cape Town Southern Suburbs and Peninsula areas for any after-hours call-outs. 
  • Many private companies in Cape Town are either too small to assists with the bigger jobs or too big to respond to the smaller emergency call-outs you might have at the odd hour.
  • We keep our company to a manageable size in order to keep quotes as reasonable as possible and the team as professional and functional at the same time.
  • If, for example its midnight and you desperately need and electrician to troubleshoot the electrical circuit on your pool-pump or motorized gate is acting faulty – give us a call and we will assist where we can by sending an sparky out as soon as we can.
  • Our team of contractors are willing and competent to take on any project, big or small, at residential and industrial properties, shopping malls, hospitals, workshops, offices and so much more.
  • We will beat any quote guaranteed! 

Feel free to contact us via our online contact form or call us on our 24 hour a day phone number (021) 707-1012 as listed on our website and we will get right back to you ASAP.

Electrical Emergency

Our Rates

  1. Our rates are very reasonable because  we are sensitive to the fact that the South African economy is very volatile at the moment.
  2. Everything is on the increase in South Africa and the poor man on the streets feels the brunt of it the most, that is why we keep our team compact to minimize costs. 
  3. We run a tight ship to ensure we maintain our level of quality and service without making the customer pay inflated bills like some contractors are known to do.
  4. This means you are getting the very best technicians available and all our electrical services at a really fantastic rate.
  5. These facts makes VERM-X Technical the obvious choice to call for any level of electrical contractor work you need, whether it is the installation of a security light, some track lighting, rewiring of your DB, consultation or even an Electrical Compliance inspection and Certificate.
  6. For all your electrician needs in Cape Town, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!


Electrical Repairs

Our range of repairs is unlimited as we use the latest and greatest tools available. Even damaged or faulty plugs, outlets and switches, repair or install fuse boards, wire or re-wire your DB in your home, or provide any general electrical maintenance and service upgrades. Anything electrical, We do it all! 

Our consultants are always offering the highest quality of workmanship, quality and expertise at the best rates. Isn’t it just fantastic to have a qualified expert on call to offer quick and easy advise at any time?

This is a necessary evil because of the nature of hidden wiring and installations that is not always visible or obvious until there is an obvious fault, which could be a huge safety hazard. This is also a great reason to have a reliable team to do regular checks and maintenance of your electrical installations and wiring, in order to avoid any emergencies that will literally leave you powerless. This could negatively impact your health and safety as well.

You do not need that, we have ESKOM for that!! 🙂 

Example of glands to cables into box and bad connections

Fault-finding team

The VERM-X philosophy is to provide you, the customer, with a one-stop-shop to take care of  all Plumbing Compliance, Beetle Compliance & Electrical compliance issues, as well as to provide a 24 hour electrical service that is quick and efficient. 

If you need some fault-finding  on a fuse-box or a circuit breaker replaced on your DB board, fix a few plugs, repairs on outlets and switches or just to provide you with coc certificates of compliance, our Cape Town based electricians are always available to take on any project, whether it is at your home, business or industrial premises, restaurant, security estates, daycare and so much more, nothing is beyond our abilities to provide the highest standard in electrical services.


Safety checks

Below is a condensed example of just some of the items the Electrician in Cape Town will inspect when carrying out a compliance inspection.

  • Make sure all connector blocks are present and in good working order
  • Fit earth bar & terminate all earths
  • Ensure all electrical cables are correctly routed through main
  • Check all wiring and make sure they are neat
  • Check all labels on the Distribution Board
  • Inspect earth leakage protection
  • Make sure power is running to all light fittings
  • Check all isolators are fitted where necessary
  • Ensure no open wiring is present
  • All light fittings must be present and replaced if missing
  • Test power to all light fittings
  • Ensure all phases are correctly color coded on the DB
  • Make sure mains circuit is routed correctly
  • Replace any missing or faulty socket outlets
  • Check any loose light fittings and secure
  • Check any extractor fans and ensure isolator is fitted

NB: These are just a few of the items we check when carrying out an electrical compliance inspection. If any of the above listed items are non-compliant the inspector cannot issue the electrical (CoC) compliance certificate before we rectify the faulty item.



Compliance related items

When the electrician carries out a compliance inspection we always follow Regulation 7(5) of the Electrical Installation Regulations (OHS ACT of 1993), which dictates a change of ownership cannot take place unless there is a valid ECOC certificate of compliance.

Our inspectors always follow all the compliance regulations to the tee and do not insist on any irrelevant repairs or additions, only what is absolutely necessary to ensure your property will pass for a valid Compliance Certificate. As long as its safe and within the regulations will our electrician sign-off and issue the compliance certificate. We are not overly concerned with aesthetics, longevity or robustness, as long as the wiring installation is compliant and operational at the time of the compliance inspection.

Our purpose is not to rewire your entire installation in order to pass compliance inspection or to upgrade your existing setup to make it more practical or usable to accommodate more appliances. These are only done upon request by the client and can be quoted separately if needed. By law you only require 1 operational light and switch and no set number of plug sockets.

electrical safety hazard

electrical compliance fault and safety hazard


Cape Town Electrician for DIY Projects

If you have attended a few electrical courses, are knowledgeable in the technology or experienced in the field but you are not qualified,  or maybe you are just someone that enjoys doing some electrician work around their house once in a while. For any projects, big or small, like replacing switches or wire lights up, it is important that a certified professional be consulted first.  For any minor domestic electrical trouble-shooting it is very important to have a whole set of the appropriate screwdrivers available and an electrical tester to use when you need it for any basic DIY projects.   

Our experienced technicians have the ability and experience to address any sort of issue that is linked to your electrical system or project you undertake. You should always seek the services of a certified technician no matter the size of the problem. The advise and expertise can assist you to save lots of time and money later. Unfortunately the work a self-made home handyman can turn out to be faulty as well as dangerous.  Then there is factors like cost to consider, as it could be tempting to contract a local or junior electrician, even though there’s a fantastic benefits to hiring a qualified professional.

Given that there are some exceptional differences in residential and commercial work, it’s important that you look for the services of somebody who has the suitable experience, wisdom and qualifications for your DIY endeavor. Our contractors are competent in installing and fixing all problems, from the most convenient wiring mechanism to more detailed wiring.  Just one of our proficient and seasoned technical consultants in Cape Town can solve the fault in a jiffy, saving you time and money! This approach will prevent any bad or costly repair costs or faults down the line, hence we recommend you find a capable and experienced electrician to do any DIY project.

good electrician

DIY projects around the home


The right Electrician

We encourage you to consider the following factors.

  1. You should select an electrician with a record of offering top quality services.
  2. The technician needs to be trained and licensed to provide the unique services required
  3. You must be sure that the contractor you are about to hire is fully insured.
  4. Hiring a trained experienced contractor is important to stick to your budget and time-frames.
  5. Qualified technicians should be people friendly and customer-centric.
  6. Professional consultants have to be dependable as their work demands physical presence.

The right contractor will take into consideration your exact requirements and provide a solution to satisfy your specified requirements within your budget. A Commercial electrician, for example, can inspect your premises and produce the proper design and layout for your house security. On the other hand, they handle much more complicated commercial electrics. 

You also have to seek the services of a professional when you know it has been a while since your wiring system was checked. With all the power outages we have been experiencing lately in Living in Cape Town it is important to regularly have all your wiring and circuit breakers inspected before any major damage occurs. It is crucial to opt for a technician with reasonable rates for their expert services as bills can escalate very quickly. 


Electrician’s Job Description

The typical job description of a qualified skilled Electrician is to have the ability to install, alter, repair and maintain all types of wiring systems. These systems are designed to provide heat, light, power, control, signal or fire alarms for all types of buildings, structures and premises. This includes domestic and commercial if you have a 3-phase qualification. And of course the same electrician must issue the ECoC Clearance Certificate once the installation, inspection or repairs are completed. 

Successful electricians must have the ability to do the following:

  • Must have good communication and reading skills,
  • Have a good aptitude for mathematics,
  • Mechanical ability, strength and manual dexterity,
  • A good technician must Have the ability to distinguish colours to work with colour-coded wiring
  • The ability to plan and organize,
  • The ability to work at heights,
  • Able to use proper lifting techniques for weights up to 25 kilograms,
  • Get along well with clients and his co-workers,
  • Have the ability to coach and mentor,
  • A good electrician must have the willingness to keep up with new developments in the field,
  • Must have the ability to create new ways of completing tasks,
  • Have the ability to do very precise work,
  • Posses excellent problem solving skills
  • A good contractor must have computer skills and be techno-savvy.
  • Possess the patience and professionalism to handle irate clients 
  • Be able to think under pressure in challenging working environments

VERY IMPORTANT: Those contractors who install or maintain equipment in existing homes or businesses also must be neat, friendly and able to deal with customers professionally.


Local Services

While all electricians require a license, not all of these do the same sorts of electrical jobs. That is why hiring the appropriate Electrician is very important.
When seeking professional services consider the following factors. 

  • The electrician in Cape Town must be trained and licensed to provide distinctive services that include things like installation of the electrical system in the home.
  • A VERM-X contractor will finish your domestic job in a short while, quickly allowing your life to go back to usual.
  • Our electricians are based in the Cape Town neighborhood which is going to have a less difficult time, since they can have the crucial supplies delivered straight away.
  • It is critical for each contractor to possess an elemental understanding of electrical troubleshooting in Cape Town.
  • A trained and experienced residential sparky can finish projects like completing, for example, a generator installation, light installation or rewire an electrical panel within a certain time and within a budget.
  • Must be able to climb up towers and repair outdoor wires too.
  • Must be capable to fault-find and replace a faulty circuit breaker, panel, lights and motors quickly and efficiently. 







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