Plumbing Compliance Services

  •  Are you looking for a qualified plumber to issue a plumbing compliance certificate?
  • Are you selling and in need of Compliance Inspection?  
  • Do you need plumbing fault-finding and repairs on your property? 


Plumbing compliance certificates

  • We offers a fast, professional, registered plumbing coc compliance service for all domestic and commercial properties in Cape Town.
  • Our technicians are fully registered and can issue you with a plumbing certificate of compliance within 24 hours if your property passes the clearance inspection. 
  • Plumbing inspection fault reports and quotes included. 


We pride ourselves to having one of the top plumbers in cape town that heads up our plumbing inspection services department.

In addition to offering a Plumbing CoC we also offer the following:

1) Electrical Certificate of Compliance
2) Beetle certificates
3) Plumbing certificate of compliance


Plumbing Certificate of Compliance checks:

Below is an example of some of the checks we do

  • The existing Hot Water Geyser complies with SANS 10252 and SANS 10254
  • (excluding drip trays on geysers installed before 2006).
  • The water pipes are properly secured as per SANS 10252:
    Water meter records flow and stops when all taps are closed.
  • The private isolating valve as per subsection 23(2) (a) or (b) is in place and functioning.
  • Check all terminal water fittings for correct fixture and no leaks found.
  • Ensure no storm water is discharged into the sewerage system.
  • There is no cross connection between the potable supply and any alternate supply. 

Example of a non-compliant Geyser installation


Plumbing compliance certificate validity

How long is a plumbing compliance certificate valid for? A plumbing compliance certificate is legally valid for 6 months. However, this is provided there has not been any modifications, alterations or upgrades of any shape or form of the original plumbing installation or since the last plumbing certificate of compliance was issued.

This limitation is in line with the regulation set by the City of Cape Town.  If any alterations, modifications or upgrades of any nature has been done to plumbing installation, a second plumbing compliance inspection needs to be carried out to ensure the modifications, additions or alterations are in line with plumbing regulations.

If compliance issues are detected in the inspection, we will send an inspection report with a quote to have the above rectified. Only once this has been completed and the plumbing installation brought back in line with regulations, can we then safely sign off that plumbing repairs and issue a new plumbing compliance certificate.


What is a plumbing certification?

Simple answer:  A plumbing certification and a plumbing compliance  certificate are two separate things. Plumber certificate programs prepare students to work in residential, commercial, and industrial situations. Students explore plumbing theories, system layouts, and tools of the trade. They also learn safety procedures, pipe identification, and trade terminology. This is a plumbing certification program.

Plumbing compliance certificates are what is issued by a qualified plumber to a property owner after their plumbing installation has been inspected and passed. This is also commonly known or referred to as a plumbing CoC (certificate of compliance)

Ever so often we receive email requests from students inquiring how much it costs for a plumbing certificate. We as a compliance inspection company do not offer students training or courses of this nature. We are strictly a property compliance inspection and repairs company. We do not sell certificates to students or anyone for that matter. All our staff are fully qualified and highly experienced in their fields.


How much is a plumbing compliance certificate?

simple answer: We charge R450/inspection. If the plumbing installation  passes the inspection, we do not charge extra for the certificate. You are paying for 1 hours labor and expertise of a fully qualified professional.

We don’t sell certificates, that is issued free of charge. Your R450 includes the inspection, technical fault report as well as the quote for repairs to bring the faulty plumbing installation back online with the regulations of SANS 10252 and SANS 10254.

Often we run specials where we do all 3 inspections (electrical + plumbing + beetle) for R1000. Sometimes we offer all 3 compliance inspections for the price of 2. Winter and Spring specials run every year when the property market takes a bit of a dip in Cape Town. So you’ll do well to inquire about any specials currently running when you book your appointment. Selling a property can be a very costly exercise so we try our best to soften the blow and cut you some slack wherever we can.

WARNING: If you ever come across an individual that charges for the inspection and then charges extra for a the clearance certificate as well, be aware. There are many of these kinds of unqualified “Bakkie tradesman” who carry out work and pose as professional plumbers and electricians  without the relevant qualifications. This should raise red flags and probably means he is piggy-backing off another qualified plumber/electrician by getting them to sign-off certificates on their behalf. Be warned! This practice is illegal and if things do go wrong you’re in for rough ride as most times these guys just vanish into thin air leaving you with a massive mess to clean up. Often costing unsuspecting property owners additional repair bills running into the thousands.


What is a certified plumber?

Simple answer: A certified plumber is a person who has studied a plumbing trade at a reputable institution and has written and passed  the Plumbing traded test. He is well versed with the SANS 10252 and 10254 regulations.

A certified plumber is also registered with the plumbing board  and holds a valid unique plumbing registration number which he puts on the plumbing compliance  certificate.


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