Compliance Inspection Process

NB: Please familiarize yourself with the below compliance process and ensure you understand it fully.

  1. You make a compliance inspection booking (telephone, send an email or via the website booking page)
  2. We agree and schedule a suitable date and time to complete the compliance inspections (Preferably all 3 at the same time)
  3. Payment for the inspections is due on the day of the inspection and received (please send the Proof of Payment if possible)
  4. We send you the inspection report, quotes and any fault lists picked up in the inspection
  5. If the inspection passed –  we issue the COC within 24 hours at no extra cost.
  6. NB: If the inspection failed we submit the repair quote along with the fault list.
    (This is where confusion usually creeps in: NOTE: You are paying for 1 hours labor to carry out the inspection, an inspection report and possibly a repair quote. We do not charge extra for the certificate, so if the inspection passes we issue it at no extra cost, however if the inspection fails we cannot issue it unless you proceed with the repairs. If you feel the quote exceeds your budget and you know of another contractor who can do the repairs at a cheaper rate – MAKE SURE THEY CAN ISSUE YOU WITH A COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE. We cannot by law sign-off on another contractors work as this is illegal and hold us liable for that installation for the next 2 years)
  7. You accept the quote agree to proceed with the repairs
  8. We schedule a suitable repair date and time
  9. Repairs are complete and you’ve settled the repair invoice.
  10. We issue the compliance certificates within 24 hours.

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